Known Most IHSAA State Qualifications by A Titan 

Includes individual and relay events

Seven Events

Alice Darter

Six Events

Kris Peterson

Heather Beck

Five Events

Jana Allardt

Nancy Darter

Tami Ruemler

Four Events

Dorice Kelly

Three Events

Debbie DeWitt

Joan Berner

Karen Cunliffe

Laura Chavers

Two Events

Liz Albright

Rachel Thames

Tammy Wierks

One State Appearance

                         Cindy DeWitt       Cindy Parker     Sandy Schneiter

                          Colleen May     Sharon Anderson     Lynn Allardt     

                           Karen Beekman    Jenny Dyke     Shelly Neata

                      Marcia Chico     Kerry Carr   Tina Syring    Amy Bradburn 

Stacey Keyton  Amy Errington  Katherine Pinger Natalie Stetson  Julie Keyton


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