Most Sectional Championships 

by Titan Boy Swimmers

Totals Include Individual and Relay Champion Swims

Eight Championships

Greg Beyerl

Seven Championships

Tim Courtney

Pete Voss

Leland Wilhoite

Six Championships

Doug Coers

Walker Marsh

Five Championships

Brian Allardt

Clayton Miller

Rick Bowen

Four Championships

Jim Hall

Tom Schranz

Mike Stetson

Greg Bowen

John Marshall

Three Championships

Jim Watkins

Phil Rudolph

Tom Troyan

Chris Dague

Doug Piazza

Two Championships

Jay Allardt

Phil Perry

John Bell

Jeff Neata

Tom Lane

Jerry Verbrugge

Mark Fortier

Brice Janney

James Verbrugge

One Championship

Bill Gruppe

Keith Peterson

Rob Cullin

Scott Reed

Ken Kratz

Kent Alexander

Andy Tharp

Chip Weiss

Steve Hoffman

David Pippen

Greg Sissel

Adam Fero

Doug Synder

Northside Boys took home 122 Sectional Championships in IHSAA Sectionals!

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