KNOWN Northside Boys’ Sectional High School Records


1971 Sectional- at Anderson  5th Place  17 pts

1972 Sectional- at Pendelton Heights    Second

1973 Sectional-  at Anderson Sectional Team Champions  226 pts.

200 IM  Jim Watkins  2:10.3 (Sect. Record)

400 Free  Jim Watkins  2nd*

100 Back  Greg Beyerl  1:03.4

                  Tom Schranz  2nd*

400 Free Relay- Charles Sursa, Chip Alexander, Jay Allardt, Jim Watkins   2nd*

*State Qualifiers

1974 Sectional- at Pendelton Heights  Sectional  Team Champions  288pts.

200 Medley Relay- Greg Beyerl, Bill Gruppe, Jay Allardt, Jim Hall  1:46.79

200 IM  Jim Watkins  2:09.69 (Sect. Record)

              Jay Allardt

                   Greg Beyerl

200 Free  Tom Schranz

              Jeff Martin

                   Keith Peterson

50 Free   Teryy Stites

                  Bill Gruppe

100 Fly  Scott Reed

                Stan Griener

100 Free  Jim Hall

                   Terry Stites

500 Free  Jim Watkins

                   Jeff Martin

                   Geoff Zimmerman

100 Back  Greg Beyerl  59.3  (Sect. Record)

                       Tom Schranz

                       Greg Zimmerman

100 Breast  Bill Gruppe

                      Phil Perry

                      Greg Zimmerman

400 Free Relay- Jay Allardt, Tom Schranz, Jim Hall, Jim Watkins  3:30.10 (Sect. Record)

1975 Sectional-  at Anderson  Sectional Team Champions  332 pts.

200 Medley Relay- Greg Beyerl, Phil Perry, Tom Schranz, Jim Hall   1:43.64 (Sect.Record)

200 Free  Rob Cullin  2nd*

              Dave Fuchs  5th

                    Dave McGregor  6th

200 IM  Greg Beyerl  2:04.6  (Sect.Record)

             Keith Peterson 2nd*

                  Frank Voss  11th

50 Free  Jay Jackson  5th

                Scott Reed  6th

                 Rick Hill  11th

Diving  Ken Brady  349.20 pts.   4th*

              Ken Kratz  5th

              Earl McKinney  10th

100 Fly    Tom Schranz  55.3  (Sect. Record)

                Scott Reed  3rd

                Jay Jackson  8th

100 Free  Jim Hall  2nd

                   Scott Ellison  4th

                   Brian Allardt  11th

500 Free    Keith Peterson  5:05.7  (Sect. Record)

                  Dave Fuchs  4th

100 Back  Greg Beyerl  57.3  (Sect.Record)

                 Rob Cullin  4th

                 Steve Watkins  12th

100 Breast  Phil Perry  1:04.87

                   Brian  Allardt  3rd

                         Dave McGregor  7th

400 Free Relay- Tom Schranz, Rob Cullin, Scott Reed, Jim Hall  3:09.7 (Sect.Record)

* State Qualifiers


1976 Sectional- at Richmond  2nd  353 pts.

200 Medley Relay- Greg Beyerl, Phil Perry, Jay Jackson, Terry Stites  2nd*

200 Free  Scott Reed 2nd*

                   Scott Ellison  3rd

                   Kent Alexander  5th

200 IM  Greg Beyerl  2:02.1  Champion- Sectional record

              Keith Petersen  4th

                  Brian Allardt  5th

50 Free   Phil Perry  2nd*

                 Terry Sites  5th

Diving  Ken Kratz  416.75 Champion- Sectional record

                  Earl McKinney  2nd*

100 Fly    Scott Reed  3rd
                  Jay Jackson  4th

                   Pete Voss  5th

100 Free  Scott Ellison  2nd*
                   John Buennagel  5th

500 Free  Keith Peterson  2nd*

                   George Butterfield  3rd
                    Kent Alexander  5th

100 Back  Greg Beyerl  56.0  Champion- Sectional record

                       Craig Reed  4th

100 Breast  Phil Perry  2nd*
                      Brian Allardt  3rd*

                       Arnold Hidalgo  6th

400 Free Relay- Scott Ellison, Jay Jackson, Terry Stites,  Scott Reed  2nd*

*State Qualifiers

1977 Sectional- at Anderson  Sectional Champions  330pts.

200 Medley Relay- Brian Allardt, Tim Courtney, Pete Voss, Phil Rudolph  1:44.22  Champions

200 Free  Andy Tharp  2nd*

                  George Butterfield  3rd*

                  Kent Alexander  4th

200 IM  Keith Peterson  3rd*

               Pete Voss  4th*

               Craig Reed  6th

50 Free  Brian Allardt  22.73  Champion - Tied Sectional Record

                    Phil  Rudolph  2nd*

Diving    Chuck Swift  2nd *

                Stewart Hults  5th

100  Fly  Pete Voss  54.93  Champion - Sectional Record

                    Andy Tharp  3rd

100 Free  Brian Allardt  2nd* 48. 89  School Record

                   Frank Voss  3rd

500  Free  George Butterfield  2nd*

                    Keith Peterson  3rd

                    Tom Troyan  4th

100 Back  Tim Courtney  2nd*

                    Craig Reed  5th

                     Kent Alexander  6th

100 Breast  Frank Voss  2nd

                      Arnold Hidalgo  3rd

400 Free Relay-   3rd
 * State Qualifiers                 


1978 Sectional---at  Connersville Team Sectional Champion  314 pts.

200 Medley Relay - Tim Courtney, John Bell, Pete Voss, Phil Rudolph  1:45.26  Sectional record

200 Free     Brian Allardt  1:47.56  Sectional Record

                          Kent Alexander  2nd*

                          George Butterfield  4th

200  IM     Frank Voss  2nd

                  Andy Tharp  3rd

                  Jeff Neata  6th

50  Free   Phil Rudolph  2nd

Diving   Chuck Swift  6th

100  Fly  Pete Voss  53.62  Sectional Record

                    Andy Tharp  2nd*

                    Craig Reed  4th

100  Free  Brian Allardt  49.13  Sectional Record

                       Frank Voss  6th

500  Free  Tom Troyan  4:52.48  Sectional Record

                        George Butterfield  2nd *

                        Kent Alexander  3rd*

100  Back   Tim Courtney   57.75   Sectional Record

                          Craig Reed  5th

400 Relay  Kent Alexander, Brian Allardt, Phil Rudolph, Pete Voss  3:21.083  Sectional Record

* State Qualifiers:   

1979 Sectional—Coach Al Anderson- Team Second  216 pts.

200 Medley Relay – Pete Voss, Tom Courtney, John Bell, Jeff Neata –  1:44.06

200 Free  Kent Alexander  3rd

                George Butterfield  4th

50 Free  Jeff Neata  4th

Diving  Chip Weiss  2nd  367.50

100 Fly  Pete Voss  54.97

100 Free  John Bell  5th

500 Free  George Butterfield  2nd

                   Kent Alexander   3rd

                   Steve Reed  4th

100 Back   Tim Courtney  56.89  

400 Free Relay- Kent Alexander, Tim Courtney, Jeff Neata, Pete Voss  2nd  3:25.63

State Qualifiers:  200 Medley Relay

                          400 Free Relay

                           Chip Weiss  Diving

1980 Sectional- Richmond – Sectional Team Champions  277pts.

Jim Troup  "Coach of the Year"

200 Medley Relay-Tim Courtney, Clayton Miller, Jeff Neata, Andy Tharp  1:41.965 Sect. Record 

200 Free  Tom Troyan 1:48.364  Sect. Record

                   Andy Tharp  2nd

                         Steve Reed  8th

200 IM  Mike Stetson  3rd

              Clayton Miller 6th

              Jeff Alexander 12th

50 Free  Tim Courtney  2nd

              Jeff Neata  5th

Diving  Chip Weiss  454.50  Sect. Record

100 Fly  Andy Tharp  2nd

              Jeff Alexander  8th

             Jim Syring  12th

100 Free  Jeff Neata  3rd

                John Bell  8th

                Gordon Chauvin  12th

500 Free  Tom Troyan   4:54.77  Sect. Record

                 Jim Syring  4th

                 Steve Reed  5th

100 Back  Tim Courtney  55.55 Sect. Record

                  Mike Stetson  3rd

                 Jim Athey  7th

100 Breast  Clayton Miller  4th

400 Free Relay- Bell, Reed, Syring, Troyan  3rd

1981  Sectional- Richmond- 4th  121 pts.

200 Medley Relay- Gordon Chauvin, Mike Stetson, Clayton Miller, Jim Syring    1:44.97  2nd*

200 Free  Jim Syring  3rd

200 IM  Mike Stetson  5th

100 Fly  Clayton Miller  2nd

500 Free  Jim Syring  3rd

                  Gordon Chauvin  7th

100 Breast  Clayton Miller  2nd*

*State Qualifiers

1982 Sectional- at Richmond  3rd  148 pts.

200 Medley Relay- Mike Stetson, Clayton Miller, Tom Lane, Jerry Verbrugge  1:43.14

200 IM  Mike Stetson  2nd

50 Free  Tom Lane  6th

100 Fly  Clayton Miller  4th

100 Free  Tom Lane  5th

100 Back  Mike Stetson  2nd*

100 Breast  Clayton Miller  1:02.43

*State Qualifier

1983 Sectional- at South Adams  Sectional Champions  287 pts.

200 Medley Relay- Doug Coers, Clayton Miller, Mike Stetson, Jerry Verbrugge  1:42.06

200 Free  Tom Lane  4th  1:55.77

                   Doug Piazza  6th  1:58.83

200 IM  Mike Stetson  2:07.01

                  Doug Coers  2nd  2:09.42

                  Rick Bowen  5th  2:12.39

50 Free  Chris Courtney  6th  23.57

Diving  Chris Dague  5th  297.45

100 Fly  Clayton Miller  2nd  56.7

                Doug Coers  3rd  57.5

100 Free  Rick Bowen  2nd  51.22

                  Tom Lane  3rd  51.45

500 Free  Doug Piazza  3rd  5:17.66

100 Back  Mike Stetson  55.92

100 Breast  Clayton Miller  1:01.48

                   Steve Hofman  3rd  1:08.02

                         Mike Rhea  4th  1:09.08  

400 Free Relay- Rick Bowen, Chris Courtney, Doug Piazza, Jerry Verbrugge  2nd  3L27.43*

*State Qualifier

1984 Sectional- at South Adams  Sectional Champions  238 pts.

200 Medley Relay-  Mark Fortier, Steve Hoffman, Doug Coers, Rick Bowen  1:42.65

200 Free  Tom Lane  5th

200 IM   Doug Coers  2nd

                Steve Hofman  10th

50 Free   Rick Bowen  4th

                 Doug Piazza  7th

Diving  Chris Dague  361.51 

                 Mike Chauvin  4th

100 Fly  Doug Coers  56.58

                   Leland Wilhoite  8th

100 Free  Tom Lane  4th

                   Doug Piazza  7th

100 Back  Mark Fortier  58.08 

400 Free Relay- Rick Bowen, Tom Lane, Doug Piazza, Leland Wilhoite  3:22.16

Bob Chico Coach of the Year

1985 Sectional- at South Adams  Sectional Champions  211 pts.

200 Medley Relay-  Rick Bowen, Greg Bowen, Leland Wilhoite, Doug Piazza  1:44.78

200 IM  Doug Coers  2:04.87

Diving  Chris Dague  364.40

100 Fly  Doug Coers  55.45

100 Back  Rick Bowen  58.03

400 Free Relay- Rick Bowen, Doug Coers, Doug Piazza, Leland Wilhoite  3:23.96

1986 Sectional- at South Adams   2nd  198 pts.

200 Medley Relay-  Greg Bowen, Walker Marsh, David Pippen, Leland Wilhoite  1:45.2

200 Free  James Verbrugge  6th

200 IM  Leland Wilhoite  3rd

               John Marshall  4th

               Andy Miller  7th

50 Free  David Pippen 7th

                Bryce Janney  11th

Diving  Chris Dague  417.65

100 Fly  Leland Wilhoite  56.22

                   Andy Miller  8th

                   Walker Marsh  10th

100  Free  James Verbrugge  8th

                    David Pippen  10th

100 Back  Walker Marsh  3rd

                    Tom Cunnliff  10th

100 Breast  Greg Bowen  2nd

                      John Marshall  3rd

                      John Preston  5th

400 Free Relay- 5th

1987 Sectional-  at South Adams  Sectional Champions 274 pts.

200 Medley Relay- Walker Marsh, Greg Bowen, Leland Wilhoite, John Marshall  1:42.67

200 Free  James Verbrugge  2nd

                   Andrew DeKizer  12th

200 IM  Andrew Miller  3rd

              John Marshall  5th

              Greg Sissel  12th

50 Free  David Pippen  3rd

                Bryce Janney  5th

                Doug Snyder  6th

Diving  Mike Chauvin  3rd

100 Fly  Leland Wilhoite  2nd

                Andrew Miller  6th

100 Free  James Verbrugge  2nd

                   David Pippen  4th

100 Back  John Marshall 57.77 (Tied)

                       Greg Sissel  6th

100 Breast  Greg Bowen  2nd  1:04.15

                      John Marshall  3rd

400 Free Relay- Bryce Janney, James Verbrugge,  Leland Wilhoite, Walker Marsh  3:23.08

Bob Chico Coach of the Year

1988 Sectional- South Adams – Sectional Team Champions  267 pts.

200 Medley Relay:  Brice Janney, John Marshall, Walker Marsh, Greg Sissel  1:42.09

200 IM  Walker Marsh  2:02.69

100 Back  Walker Marsh  56.30

100  Breast  John Marshall  1:04.34

400 Free Relay: Brice Janney, Adam Fero, Jamie Verbrugge, Doug Snyder  3:21.48

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