Junior Emmy Rawson in the 200 Individual Medley Breast 2013 

All-Time Bearcat Girls'

North Central Conference Champions

As of 2015

Fourteen Championships

Emmy Rawson

Eight Championships

Kristina Kerrigan

Seven Championships

Kaitlin Kerrigan

Sydney Clasby

Six Championships

Heidi Bryant

Anne Tinder

Five Championships

Brittany Sheffield

Victoria Haller

Four Championships

Christina Adrian

Shelby Haggard

Three Championships

Diana Cartwright

Katie Griffith

Mikaela Haller

Whitney Coffman

Two Championships

Julie Hall

Kendall Bryant

Courtnee Coffman

One Championship

Louise Kellison

Sherrill Irving

Shelly Fullhart

Brittany Boone

Paige Williamson

Lizzie Smith

Catherine Smith

Kayla Beaty

Kacie Johnson

Chloe Townsend

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